Building a brand beloved by designers

Co-founder of a company that provided photos, illustrations, and type to designers. Our ”look at what you can do” approach to marketing helped Veer become a beloved brand. 
I co-led brand strategy and creative, and led copywriting, social content, and communications. The company was purchased by Corbis (owned by Bill Gates) in 2007, and eventually absorbed into Getty Images through the sale to VCG in 2016.
Our fun and entertaining activity books were favorites (See PDFs here, here, and here)
Designers looked forward to our direct-mail catalogs — each one was unique
I developed Veer’s wry, self-referential copy voice – as in these trade show screens
Pages from Veer’s Look and Voice book
Creative director: Sheldon Popiel.
Art direction and design: Drew Ng-How-Tseung, Anna Coe, Justin Lafontaine, and others.
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